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Teens Are Our Priority

We are passionate about the youth we serve, whether
through community collaboration, direct life coaching, or speaking engagements, yielding positive results is our mission.


Mon/Tues/Thurs 9AM – 8PM
Wednesday 9AM – 2PM
Fri/Sat 9AM – 1PM
Sunday Closed


Welcome to zGen Project

zGen Project staff are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of the youth, parents, and community organizations we serve. Join us, as we empower teens to become all they were created to be.



Lecture Attendee

“I have known Coach CeCe for several years. She is a woman of integrity, creativity, and strength. Coach CeCe has a heart for youth, and zGen Project has been birthed out of her desire to see teens flourish. I recently joined CeCe at an event in which she spoke to a group of teen girls on the butterfly effect. Her presentation compared the development of a butterfly with how a teenager develops into who they are meant to be. The presentation was well received and CeCe was asked to come back and participate in the group on an ongoing basis. She knows what her calling is, which is to help teens GROW to the next level and help BRING OUT what is already inside of them.”


Life Coaching Client

“I began working with Coach CeCe at the beginning of 2018. She is an awesome coach and an incredible person. Throughout this process she has been very hands on, holding me accountable for myself and my personal growth. She has encouraged me to be the best me and not be afraid of my future. I have had some setbacks in my journey and she has made sure I kept my best foot forward and we adjust the plan if need be. I am so happy with my progress and what is to come because of the foundation that Coach CeCe has helped me to lay. I am truly grateful for her being apart of my life.”


Lecture Attendee

“Thank you so much Coach CeCe for taking time out of your busy day to visit our Butterflies Girls Group to share your expertise with our young girls between the ages of 7 -17. The Butterflies gained valuable insight into the transformation of a butterfly and how it relates to transitions that occur in a teenagers life. The information you shared was very much needed, encouraging, and enlightening. Again, my sincere thanks to the zGen Project for supporting our mission as we teach Endurance, Change and Hope. I hope that we can call on you again in the future.”


Life Coaching Client

“My experience with Coach CeCe has been amazing. Before I decided to let her be my life coach, I was at one of the lowest points of my life. Everything and everyone around me was questionable, I stopped believing in myself and started feeling depressed and insecure. Working with her I learned to fight negative thoughts that are in my mind, and to start believing in myself again. She’s such a positive person, and she can touch many teenagers lives. I look forward to having her as my coach and mentor in the future.”

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