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zGen Teen Suicide Prevention Community Coalition

Developing a Team of Youth Advocates on a Regional Level


  • Develop a team of youth advocates, on a Regional level, who are committed to learning best practices in the prevention of teen suicides; and will actively disseminate those best practices within their agency or organization

  • Identify, develop, and implement best practices for the prevention of teen suicides throughout the Region

  • Promote awareness of the epidemic of teen suicides within the Region that will serve as a cause- for-action in the prevention of teen suicides

  • Develop broad-based support for programs that focus on the prevention of teen suicides

  • Implement strategies to reduce the stigma associated with being a teenager who has a mental illness or has a substance abuse problem

  • Promote efforts to reduce access to lethal means and methods of self-harm

  • Implement training for recognition of at-risk behavior and delivery of effective treatment

  • Develop and implement effective clinical and professional practices

  • Develop strong linkages with community organizations that serve teens to better share and disseminate information on teen suicide prevention

  • Promote and support research on teen suicide prevention

  • Improve reporting and portrayals of teen suicidal behavior, mental illness, and substance abuse on social media and in the entertainment and news media

  • Serve as a benchmark for the development of similar collaboration efforts throughout the State of Texas and eventually on a National level

Expectations of Coalition Members

  • Participate in monthly, 2-hour conference calls with coalition members to identify and share best practices in teen suicide prevention
    – Disseminate information shared during monthly meetings with individuals who work within the coalition members organization / agency

  • Participate in quarterly, in-person meetings with coalition members to share new approaches to suicide prevention among teens, and to discuss what’s working and what’s not working in teen suicide prevention for the clients served by coalition members
    – Disseminate information shared during quarterly meetings with individuals who work within the coalition members organization / agency

  • Commit to serving on at least one committee formed by the coalition
    – Committees will also meet on a monthly basis


If we don’t, who will?

National Teen Suicide Statistics

Increase Among Teen Boys
Leading Cause of Death in Teens
Year High


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