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zGen Evidence-Based Life Coaching for Teens

We Help Client’s Reveal What is Already Inside of Them


  • Offer our teen clients effective, evidence-based life coaching in a warm, understanding, and engaging environment

  • Foster an environment in which our teen clients thrive in the following areas:

    o Increased self-esteem
    o Increased awareness of self and others
    o Strong self-determination
    o Increased problem-solving skills
    o Identification of purpose, goal-orientation
    o Increased leadership abilities

  • Improved relationships with parents, siblings, and others

What is life coaching, and why is it important that it’s evidence-based?

Life coaching is a collaboration between the client and coach that is results-oriented. It is the coach’s responsibility to facilitate the client’s work towards positive change and goal achievement. The zGen coaching methodology is focused on the following four key areas:

How an individual consciously knows and understands his/her own character, feelings,motives, and desires.
Concerned with the motivation behind choices people make without external influence and interference.
Self-control, the ability to exert a strong will against our impulses to steer our future in a direction that may not be well suited for us.
Growth of an individual toward fulfillment of their highest needs relating to understanding the meaning of one’s life.

Studies show teen interventions that include personal and social-skill building practices developed with a strong emphasis on evidence-based coaching enhances the coaching experience in self-perceptions, positive social behaviors, grades, school engagement, and reduced problem behaviors while those life coaching programs lacking an evidence-based approach show minimal effect.


  • $300 monthly (includes an initial assessment to develop individual coaching plan)
    o Coaching fee can be paid bi-weekly at $150 every two weeks

  • 6-month minimum program commitment required with Coach CeCe
    o We need time to see real and lasting results

  • Coaching would consist of one 45-minute session between the teen and Coach CeCe that would be prescheduled and take place once a week
    o Sessions would take place via online meeting or over the phone

  • We serve pre-teens and teens between the ages of 12 and 19

Coaching Schedule

Mon/Tues/Thurs 9AM – 8PM
Wednesday 9AM – 2PM
Fri/Sat 9AM – 1PM
Sunday Closed

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

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